Tips for painting your house

If we have decided to paint the house ourselves, we have loaded up on energy and we have time, we must first have thought in detail how we are going to do it.

Think before you paint

We must think about whether we are going to paint all the rooms in the house or one in particular.
The state of the walls to be painted. The material to buy.
If the tone of the paint is in a Pantone , the color will be localized and we can order more paint of the same color whenever we want with that reference.
If we make the paint by mixing different colors and it is not in a Pantone range , we will have to buy too much paint of that tone so as not to run the risk of having to make a mixture without having finished our work.
If we have to hire a cabinetmaker to dismantle any piece of furniture that we have that is delicate to move.
The time we have to do the work , we must add the initial time that is used to prepare all the rooms, the time that lasts while we paint and the most uncomfortable time that is cleaning and replacing our belongings.

What paint do I choose?

In the past, the gotelet was chosen to hide the defects and humps of the partitions and because of how difficult and laborious it was to make a surface, especially if it was the ceiling, completely level without different lines being noticeable. Now it is the trend to paint plain, since paint is one of the most attractive things in our home, the good thing about it is that if one of our works ends up tiring us after a short time of enjoying it, we can paint again , much faster and without the need to rent the gotelet machine.

Painting on paint can be done when the house is not too old or too many coats, plastic paint is somewhat more expensive but allows us to clean specific areas without leaving the fence behind.
If we decide to put borders, it is not recommended on rough walls, they must be smooth.

Be careful with cracks, if we detect any, do not paint over it, clean the area of ​​material and place a bandage to cover it and prevent the crack from getting larger, then prepare the area and paint.
Buying well-known brands that are sold in many points will help us, at a given moment, so that we do not run out of material half finished our work.
It is very important to study the light in the cabin to choose the color , it is not only about liking it but also about doing it judiciously and thinking about the use that the room will have.

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