How to paint a room to make it look bigger

Painting a room is the simplest and cheapest way to give it style and life, or to change and renew its appearance. A good use of colors even hides structural problems, small sizes, strange shapes, and can make a previously dull space attractive.

So with a few brief notions of decoration we can be prepared to  change the character of a room and bring it closer to what we would like it to be, with just a small gesture. Colors affect people psychologically, so it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the room, and the idea we want to convey, before opting for a specific tone.

How to paint the room to make it look bigger?

So, for example, no matter how much we like a painting in the range of warm tones, that is, yellows, oranges and reds, we should never use them in a small room , since these colors create the impression of a warmer environment. closed and small. They are ideal, however, for heating the environments of rooms that are too large. If the problem is that the room is small , and we want to give it a more open and spacious atmosphere simply with a coat of paint, it is also possible. In this case, we must opt ​​for cold colors, in the ranges of greens, blues and purples , which manage to create the illusion that the room is larger than it seems. Something similar happens with the ceiling : if it is too low and gives the sensation of ‘crushing’, we should never paint it in dark or busy colors. White and fresh blue or light green tones are the best option to lighten low ceilings and provide a feeling of space. Another thing to keep in mind when painting a room, apart from its size, is the layout and shape . A long, narrow room can appear larger by painting the two short walls a darker color than the long walls . Likewise, if we paint the ceiling and the back wall the same color, we will make it appear wider and shallower . This is ideal for hallways, for example. Although of course if we have a small room that we want to enlarge, it is best to go to a renovation company that will carry out a study and determine the best way to vary the distribution of the spaces to make the rooms more practical and comfortable. While we decide to start this renovation, we can paint the room to make it look larger with the advice we have given you in this article.

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