How to paint the walls inside the house

If you want to save money when painting the interior of your house , you can do it yourself without having to hire a professional. However, don’t trust yourself, painting a house may seem like a simple task but it is actually more difficult than it seems. In order to help you in this article, we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can paint the walls of your house and achieve a better result. That said, go to a paint store and buy the interior paint online so that it is even cheaper since we are going to teach you how to apply it to your wall.

Tips for painting interior walls

What you should do to obtain a good result is:

Prepare the room

In order to paint correctly and in a much safer way, you must prepare the room . The only thing you need in this case is a few newspapers and plastic and some masking tape. Place the newspapers and plastic on the floor so as not to get paint on it and cover the sockets, baseboards and all those elements that are near or on the wall with masking tape. This way, you can go without any problems with the paint that will never stain the door frame.

Is your wall new or already painted?

This aspect is important since not all walls are painted the same. If your wall is new , that is, it has never had a coat of paint on it, what you have to do is prepare it. With a large spatula, remove all impurities from it until it is very smooth. Apply a special product for first walls that will help you cover all kinds of holes or cracks that may exist and thus the paint will adhere to the surface without problem. If the wall was already painted, you must prime the wall. Of course, if the wall has chips or tears, now is the time to repair it. As for the primer, this is a special layer of paint that helps the final paint adhere to it more easily.

How should it be painted?

Now that you have your wall prepared and the colors chosen, it’s time to teach you how to paint. You have to know that one coat of paint is probably not enough, so you should choose more than one bottle when purchasing the color. Usually you will have to apply up to 3 coats of paint for the wall to achieve the desired color. The paint container itself will tell you how long you should wait between coats for the optimal result. As far as the technique is concerned, if you are going to paint with a roller we recommend the W technique used with the roller. It is simply as if you drew a large number of Ws on the wall since thanks to this style you will achieve that the paint is distributed much more homogeneously and will also drip less. For the rest, change from the roller to smaller brushes for when you encounter more detailed jobs such as those in which you will have to hurry more due to the proximity to the frame and you will paint your wall without problem.

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