How to decorate the bathroom in a rustic style

The rustic style is a trend and especially in bathrooms . Allusions to rural style are becoming a trend along with retro and vintage solutions . Do you want to decorate your bathroom in a rustic style? Here we give you some tips:

Ideas to decorate rustic bathrooms

To achieve this style of decoration, you must take into account the following:

  • Colors
    The environments of this style are usually characterized by high contrasts. When a room has small dimensions, light colors are the most recommended because they help illuminate the room and amplify the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Accessories
    Taps will be an essential component and materials such as copper or brass take on special prominence. Furthermore, the furniture must be light or be structures composed of heavy and light elements. Wooden shelves will also play an important role.

Improvisation is one of the most characteristic features of this type of proposals and can be reflected in the construction of furniture through casual elements such as hangers. The objective is to generate an accidental aesthetic in which the furniture is the result of the union of different components. To integrate the most appropriate accessories, it will be essential to visit catalogs specialized in rustic furniture.

  • Traditional style towels

Both hand and bath towels should also follow this style, which is why handmade or artisanal bath towels are an excellent option.

  • Coverings and tiles
    Ceramics, flooring and tiles are very representative elements of this type of decoration. However, we must pay attention to our space, and we should not abuse these elements in small rooms. To avoid generating a feeling of heaviness, it is advisable to alternate this type of decorative elements with free surfaces and smooth walls.
  • Lighting
    Spaciousness is a fundamental ingredient and for this reason we must learn to take advantage of lighting. The objective is to provide a spacious and open environment. Natural light should be used to the maximum.
  • Rustic bathroom
    : the center of the space The bathtub is the key element. The bathtub models with legs and retro aesthetics are the best option to work with this style of decoration.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you dare to decorate your bathroom in a rustic style? Don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments.

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