The importance of stories for children

Since time immemorial, stories have been used to transmit ideas and knowledge to children, but are they still useful today? Of course the answer is affirmative. Stories are a first-rate teaching tool that helps, among others, the development of important skills such as learning to listen, speak, read and write.

Benefits of stories

But these are not the only benefits, the range is broader and among them are:

They awaken and stimulate the imagination

Thanks to the fantasy and magic of stories, the child’s imagination is awakened. In addition, the fantastic characters in the stories help the child identify them with their internal feelings, making it easier for them to understand their inner world.

They stimulate language

Thanks to the stories they will learn new words and discover the meaning of different expressions, helping them expand their vocabulary.

Strengthen family ties

Without a doubt, the time that parents spend with their children, reading and commenting on the stories, will make the connection between parents and children even stronger, creating good moments that will be remembered for a long time. To make this relationship stronger, it is recommended that the stories be “told” and not simply read, thus enriching the experience much more.

Transmit educational messages

Stories usually transmit messages, ideas and values ​​that children fascinated by history will make their own in a much easier way, internalizing them in this way.

Awaken interest in reading

Stories are a great way to introduce them to the world of books and awaken the habit and love of reading in the little ones.

They help them face the problems they will have in life

The characters in the stories go through different problems and difficulties, teaching children that not everything in life is achieved in a simple way and that it is normal for dangers and difficulties to arise along the way. It is also recommended that stories for children have a happy ending, because this helps to reinforce their self-confidence , since they learn that even if they have a bad time, the difficulties end up passing and in the end happiness comes. This happy ending is one of the reasons why if you count them at night before going to sleep, they will help you fall asleep and sleep happy and confident.

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