Benefits of storytellers in education

Using a storyteller is an activity that is less known outside the classroom and that, however, is very interesting due to the advantages it brings to children and its connection with the world of reading. We tell you the benefits of storytellers in education . Thanks to the narration of a story , children can concentrate better and begin to feel a taste for the world of letters since this way they know the stories that the books hide.

What is a storyteller for?

Telling a story , or what is known as Storytelling , is an enjoyable and fun activity, since the narrator with his skill tells stories to children in a direct way and with appropriate language. He helps children imagine the story they hear, thus enhancing their imagination, curiosity and creativity.

In addition, it stimulates emotional communication between children and adults who immerse themselves fully in a story, connect with it and have a pleasant time. Without forgetting, stories are often the excuse to instill values ​​in children and to teach them situations that serve as an example of good manners, good behavior and knowing how to handle themselves in certain situations.

It is an appropriate activity to create children’s interest in certain readings , since narrators often choose versions of stories that have already been written. In many cases, children are too lazy to pick up a book and take the initiative to read it, but in this case the story already comes to them through someone else’s narration, and it can serve to motivate them to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

Of course, stories enrich oral expression on the other hand, since it is a way to learn new vocabulary. Children transform words into messages, their logical thinking and memory are stimulated, since they have to retain the data that is told at the beginning to understand the story as a whole.

Did you know these benefits of storytellers in your children’s education?

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