Top 10 reasons to make love

One of the most intense passions that human beings have is love. When you love a person and are in love with them, desire leads you to the need to make love. In our health blog we know how important it is to have sexual relations for health, therefore, we have made a top 10 reasons to make love.

When we leave adolescence, a sensation awakens within our body that we do not know how to explain. The desire to satisfy that sensation becomes a need, and the desire to make love arises. There are many reasons to make love , among which is the following top 10:

– Anti-stress . Sex is a highly recommended option to eliminate stress.

– Painkiller . With sex, some of the pains that plague us can be reduced and calmed, thanks to the increase in a substance called endorphin.

– Calorie burner . When you make love you exercise , and therefore, it is an excellent calorie burner. Sex strengthens muscles and promotes physical condition: it’s like going to the gym.

– Immonological . An antibody called immunoglobin A is formed with sexual intercourse.

– Good for the heart . This organ will be strengthened by making love.

– Improves self-esteem . You feel more confident and secure, it makes you feel good about yourself.

– For menopause . Helps menopausal women alleviate its consequences.

– Good for the prostate . Sexual activity strengthens the prostate and reduces the possibility of prostate cancer.

– Sleeping pill . Making love causes a pleasant sensation of pleasure that promotes rest: it is good for sleeping well .

– Just because . Enjoying making love and doing something you like is good just because. That is, for pleasure and because if you know how to ride it it is fun: you have to enhance thesexual desire.

Do you want more reasons? I leave it to you to complete this Top 10 reasons to make love, since the reasons are too many, don’t you think? Any excuse is good to make love . Of course, you have to be careful with thesexually transmitted diseases.

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