What are the best Educational Stories about Christmas?

Christmas is a good time to transmit basic values ​​to our children such as kindness, generosity or solidarity, among others These special dates are approaching when the family tends to come together and children have more free time. It is time to read them educational stories , in which Christmas becomes the excuse to educate in values.

The best Christmas stories to educate in values

Today we quote 10 Christmas stories , but you can find many more on the internet. All of them are educational since they transmit teaching values, take note!

  1. ” A deal with Santa Claus”,by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. The protagonist is a capricious boy, Julio, who attaches more importance to having more gifts during Christmasthan to having more friends. Finally, he will realize his mistake and thanks to the story, we can transmit to children the importance and value that people have above material goods.
  2. “The Christmas Angel”,by Inma Holguin. An angel sneaks onto earth to see how two children argue about who plays with the Christmas toys. Until the children calm down and decide to share their toys with other children without resources, the angel does not leave. The value of generosityand the importance of sharing is transmitted .
  3. “The best choice”, by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. Rod and Tod are chosen to see Santa Claus at the North Pole. They can only see him for a few seconds in a room full of gifts but Rod gets carried away with the toys and leaves the room without even looking at Santa Claus. From that moment on he begins to realize the things that truly matter.
  4. “Clara and the Christmas Nativity Scene”,by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. Clara is an artist who strives every year to make the best Christmas Nativity scene. But one year, the same morning that her masterpiece is going to be evaluated by the judges, her sister innocently destroys the Nativity scene and the recreated world changes completely. It is an ideal storyto convey the value of humility .
  5. “Enriqueto the mouse”,by Johanna Martinez de Imeri. Enriqueto is a very peculiar orphan mouse who on Christmas Day decides to go with his friends in search of food. At 8 in the afternoon, all of them had already filled themselves with all the food they had gotten, but Enriqueto wanted more and went to get his dessert. When he was wandering the streets, a car hit him. Fortunately his friends were able to pick him up in time, and the mouse’s attitude began to change. It is a storythat conveys the importance of having a balanced diet and the importance of preventing childhood obesity.
  6. “A Christmas Carol”,by Charles Dickens. Mr. Scrooge is a miserly and stingy man who never celebrates Christmas and only thinks about making money. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of his former partner who warns him that he can change his destiny when he is visited by three Christmas spirits. The story promotes humanity, generosity and simplicity.
  7. “The Felicimeter”, by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. It is about a gift meter that Santa Claus has, known as the felicimeter, which consists of distributing more giftsto the children who are less happy. Through a child who receives few gifts, we better understand the meaning of happiness. The value it conveys to us is that appearances can be deceiving.
  8. “The Little Match Girl”,by Hans Christian Andersen. A girl walked barefoot through the streets of a snow-covered city on the last night of the year. She carried a match in a little box that she couldn’t sell. She decided to light it to avoid being cold and the heat was so pleasant that she saw a better world where there is no cold, hunger or fear: heaven. It is a sad story that aims to teach us a lesson about compassion towards peoplewho have less.
  9. “Forced Christmas”,by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. It’s about a man who wants to change the world and make people better. His wish is fulfilled, and that is when he begins to realize that he is the one who must begin to change for the better. The story conveys that to change the world, we must have personal improvement first.
  10. “The little Christmas star”,by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. The most beautiful star is chosen to shine in a dirty and abandoned place. It seems little to her, so the tiniest star is chosen to reign in that place instead of the most beautiful one. The small star thinks that she won’t be able to light up the place because of her size, so she calls her star friends so they can help her. What the storyaims to teach us is that humility and generosity can better help us get what we want.

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