What is the best sport in the world?

Sport is one of the healthiest habits that we can include in our lives in order to get away from that sedentary life that can have so many negative effects on our own well-being in the medium or long term. In the next few lines we present a brief list of some of the best sports in the world according to The Ranking space . Do you want to see it? Then keep reading.

There are sports disciplines that are more acclaimed by the public than others, whether due to the interest they arouse among the masses, for reasons of improving our health or, simply, for reasons of aesthetics or to release all the tensions and worries accumulated within us.

Swimming is, as experts establish, one of the most complete sports that we can find, since it will allow us to strengthen our muscles as a whole, in addition to helping us treat certain ailments. For its part, soccer is one of the most acclaimed sports by millions of fans around the world who eagerly follow the plays of their favorite team every time they face their respective rivals on the battlefield.

In the next few lines, we present the following list based on what is established by The Ranking users . In this space you will have absolute freedom to leave your vote on very diverse categories and questions that will be raised in this regard so that you can express what that is, whether related to the world of sports, cinema, fashion, television, music, theater and festivals, which best suits your personal preferences. Based on your votes and opinions , lists of the points most acclaimed by the public will be created. You can even create your own rankings and have others vote for them, not bad at all, right?

The best sports in the world

In matters of sports, the best sports disciplines as voted by users on this exclusive platform are the following:

1) In first position is swimming , which as we already specified in previous lines, is one of the most beneficial sports for our health. Among other things, swimming will help us enhance our strength, flexibility and endurance. This exercise includes all the cardiovascular benefits of running, as well as the muscle strengthening of weights and other effects that will enhance our muscles typical of aerobics or dance. Swimming will also help us achieve greater flexibility in the shoulders, pelvis and neck, in addition to keeping the heart and lungs healthy.

2) Another of the most acclaimed sports that would occupy second place in this ranking, not inconsiderable on the other hand, is soccer . This sport, unlike many others, is capable of uniting millions of people around the world, regardless of the possible cultural differences between them. His passion for seeing his team in action is greater than anything else.

Like running, the fact of running for a certain amount of time behind the ball, whether in the same game or during your training moments, is essential to improve our cardiovascular health , in addition to increasing speed and resistance. Likewise, it helps combat flaccidity and strengthen leg muscles, not to mention its ability to reduce body fat and, in this way, lower cholesterol levels or reduce the risk of diabetes.

3) Tennis : another sport that also causes excitement among the public worldwide is tennis, which will allow us to enhance our reflexes due to the concentration that we must place on the movement of the ball that we have in play, it helps us improve our balance and balance, increases our flexibility, strengthens the muscles of the arms and gives us greater agility .

4) Basketball: this is another of the disciplines most acclaimed by the public around the world. This sport will allow us to develop certain skills such as concentration, self-control and greater speed in the execution of our movements. Likewise, since it is an aerobic exercise, it will improve the circulation of oxygen in our blood, helping us release endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones.”

5) Golf is in fifth position . This sport can take those who practice it to travel a distance of between seven and 10 kilometers, a walk that will be recommended to regulate our  blood pressure , triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Its practice, more relaxed than other sports, will help release tension.

These sports are followed by other disciplines such as skiing, surfing, Basque pelota, baseball, ice hockey, handball and boxing in the same order. And what sport interests you the most?

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