How long does the pre-exercise warm-up last?

Do you know how long the warm-up should last before exercising ? We specify it to you from our Sports blog . Before starting a physical activity or sport, it is necessary to do a warm-up process to prepare the muscles so that they are ready for action and there are no possible injuries.

Time for your warm-up before exercise

There is no fixed time for pre-warming and it is estimated that it can last 10 minutes at least. It is true that depending on the sport we are going to practice, we may need more time , as in the case of gymnastics or ballet. Also if the muscles are sore, you will have to warm up longer. In general terms, a warm-up prior to exercise can last about 10 minutes up to 30-40 minutes if it is a specific warm-up for a more complex competition that requires more time. It is a period in which progressive mobilization exercises   of the main joints (neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet) must be included, thus activating the main muscle groups. This period of mobilization must be completed with another period of muscle stretching that prepares us for the sport we are going to do.

It must be taken into account that any medium to intense physical activity must be preceded by an adequate warm-up routine . This is done so that the body adapts to the exercises without problems and so that there are no injuries. Thanks to the previous warm-up , we are promoting a progressive increase in body temperature while producing adequate oxygenation of the muscles . Likewise, it increases muscle performance, which produces greater muscle capacity and strength. There is no doubt that warming up and stretching improve physical readiness for exercises. We must differentiate between two types of heating. On the one hand, we have a general one that is mild and involves most of the muscles of the body and whose objective is to initiate an increase in blood flow to the different muscles and organs. Secondly, we have a specific warm-up that is made up of a series of light stretching movements and is specific for the muscles that are trained at higher intensity. What do you think of this information about how long the warm-up lasts before exercise ?

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