Musical Intelligence

Intelligence is the mental capacity that all human beings have to process and convert information from the world around us into ideasMusical intelligence can be developed in children from birth, when we sing lullabies to them to sleep.

It can also be developed in all other stages of their growth, as it allows them to achieve concentration and attention in learning.

If you want to stimulate children’s musical ears , follow these simple recommendations:

– Sing to them when they are little or make them listen to various types of music.

– Tell them some words with musical intonation so that it is pleasant to their ears and is also very fun.

– Organize visits to concerts and presentations of musical groups . Make sure they adapt to the child’s age and this way you will avoid boredom.

– Design educational programs within the classroom in which students can participate.

– Make musical teaching an entertaining and joy-filled activity . That the music subject takes place in a pleasant environment.

Musical education is very important for children and adolescents because through music they can learn and understand their culture and customs. It helps them have an identity and also gives them a space to express their feelings and emotions.

There are musical projects that are incredibly educational , so we have the example of the activity AS SOENA LA ESO , a musical initiative that brings together Compulsory Secondary Education students from Institutes of the Valencian Community and Catalonia and organizes a series of activities throughout the course. school that culminate with a great musical gathering of all the students.

And, another excellent example, we have the CD JAZZ CITRIC recorded entirely by students of the IES Arabista Ribera de Carcaixent , with songs of their own creation and musical performance.

This is how vocal expression , auditory perception , musical language , movements and dances can help children and young people in their personal growth.
The development of musical skills brings with it a series of associated benefits such as integration into musical groups : Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, etc. that will allow them to carry out an activity of personal growth and development , increasing their self-esteem and occupying their time healthily.

A person who listens to music can feel part of the universe.

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