Why is it important to rest?

Did you know that adequate rest can help us improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being more than we imagine? Throughout the day we are under a lot of pressure, whether in the workplace or family, so sleeping hours What our body needs will always help to regain strength and recover that lost vitality.

The mere fact of not resting can take its toll on us, although in the short or medium term we are not aware of it.

Currently, the economic crisis, the deteriorated state of the labor market, the precarious family situations to face possible expenses, added to concerns about the health of our loved ones, end up generating stress within us , which becomes the main cause of many of the diseases of the 21st century, suffered by a large part of Western society.

Likewise, a pessimistic attitude towards life causes internal damage that ends up undermining our emotional health and greatly deteriorating our mood. We may not realize it, but a mind dominated by negative thoughts will end up affecting our physical body and manifesting this evil in the form of ailments of different degrees.
Rest and a positive attitude is what the new Pikolín campaign seeks to promote . “A mi plin” is the new motto of the well-known brand of mattresses prepared to improve your rest. Its message is to keep negative thoughts away, to enjoy a much more pleasant rest of mind, body and spirit and thus wake up the next day with renewed strength and the energy we need to function at all times.

Many studies confirm that rest can help us improve our quality of life and prolong our longevity. Likewise, it helps to reduce weight, since sleeping fewer hours than usual will end up unbalancing our body and generating a greater feeling of hunger within us.

Likewise, it will improve our aesthetic appearance and contribute to regenerating skin and muscle tissues, in addition to strengthening our defenses and making us stronger against possible conditions that threaten us in the future. On the other hand, it helps us relax and ward off stress , because if we do not sleep adequate hours, blood pressure will increase and will end up altering our nervous system , thus making it difficult to rest.

On the other hand, the mere fact of including sport in our daily lives, in addition to being one of the healthiest and most beneficial habits for our body, will provide us with that dose of tiredness that will help us sleep peacefully for several hours in a row.
Likewise, during our rest all the chemical processes in our body are stabilized. In this way, people who suffer from a deficiency of the feel-good hormone known as serotonin tend to suffer from depressive states when they get little sleep and the body is destabilized.
On the other hand, rest will help improve your cardiovascular health , since by sleeping you will lower blood pressure and thus reduce blood cholesterol levels , factors that can contribute to achieving a healthy state of the heart.

Pikolín is aware of this, which is why in its new campaign it proposes that we try to sleep a minimum of eight hours, consult the problems with the pillow and let them rest, dream positively every night and, most especially, take advantage of its 40% discount on everything the “A mi plin” range of mattresses to keep those worries away during the night.

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