Who pays for repairs to a rental home?

The issue of repairs in rental apartments is the cause of multiple disputes over who should pay, whether the tenants or the property owners, but we must keep in mind that the person who spoils something has to pay. For example, if the bathroom breaks down and the plumber finds a stuck object, logically the tenant will have to pay for the repair, since it was his fault.

The owner is obliged to pay, without having to increase the rent, all necessary repairs to keep the home in acceptable habitable conditions , except when the deterioration has been caused by the tenant, such as small repairs caused by wear and tear of the daily use; For example, appliance repairs, which the tenant would have to pay for, but if the appliance must be replaced, the owner will pay for it.

If the home needs urgent repair , you must immediately notify the owner and he or she may carry out urgent repairs to avoid imminent damage and immediately demand the amount from the landlord, if applicable.

When conservation work is being carried out in the tenant’s apartment, the tenant may not refuse and, furthermore, if the work lasts more than twenty days , the owner must subtract the proportional part of the rent from the part of the home that the tenant does not has been able to use.

In the event that the owner does not assume the repairs that correspond to him, the first thing to do is negotiate and talk calmly. If in this way nothing is achieved, you must inform the owner in writing, by means of a burofax, which also includes the technical report of the repair, as well as the necessary arguments to justify that he should be the one who should be responsible for the repair. Expenses.

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