What to know before signing a rental contract?

Before signing a rental contract, a series of key points must be taken into account so that the entire operation is perfect. From our law blog we bring you some tips to consider.

Before signing a rental contract, follow these steps

One of the first factors that we must consider is that the landlord will request information to ensure who the rental of his property is intended for . Quite often, in addition to the basic documentation such as the DNI and passport number, they may request some type of documentation that proves your ability to pay, such as a copy of the payroll, the income tax return or direct debit receipts that They can verify your solvency.

Likewise, they may require an additional guarantee, that is, extra money as a deposit or the creation of a guarantee, either from a family member or through the bank.

On the other hand, you must keep in mind that the rental deposit is mandatory by Law and its objective will be to cover any damage that the home may suffer as a result of the tenant. If everything works correctly, the money will be recovered at the end of the contract.

We have to make sure that the landlord deposits the deposit so that the money stays where it needs to be while waiting for the rental contract to end properly. This deposit is essential if as a tenant you meet the requirements to deduct the rent payment.

One of the most common mistakes made is related to assuming that the clauses included in the contract are those that had been agreed upon in advance. If the document is not reviewed and the other party wrote it, it is possible that not everything the tenant wants will appear.

Lawyers and real estate experts recommend signing your signature on each of the pages and annexes that appear in the contract and not only on the first or last one. This will prevent clauses from being included that harm the tenant or the owner.

And, in the same way that it is advisable to review the condition of the home, the contract should include an annex, the furniture that remains in the apartment, as well as the appliances and the state in which they are found.

Nothing should be left to chance in contracts and everything should be stated. It is necessary to foresee all the circumstances and request that the contract be modified so that they appear in the new document.

Likewise, the way in which the monthly rental payments themselves will be paid must always appear in the contract . Logically, depositing it into the landlord’s bank account is one of the most convenient, but it could also be agreed that the owner comes to the house during the first ten days of the month to collect the money. The payment method must be in writing, otherwise one of the two parties could argue that they tried to pay the money or collect it and it was not possible.

What do you think of these ideas to know what to do before signing a rental contract ?

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