What to do in case of a work accident?

Do you have doubts about what to do in the event of a work accident ? When you suffer an accident of these characteristics (which is defined in article 156 of the Consolidated Text of the General Social Security Law as: “A work accident is understood as any bodily injury that the worker suffers on the occasion or as a consequence of the work he performs for others”, the first step you must take is to go to the mutual insurance company to which the company is affiliated, or failing that, to the health center closest to the work center to assist the injured person. Let’s see it in detail:

Steps to follow in case of a work accident

Regarding the steps to follow in the event of a work accident, you must take into account the following:

– You must go to the office closest to your workplace, presenting your ID and the medical assistance request form issued by the company. If you have difficulties expressing yourself, you must be accompanied by another person, who provides personal information, ID and address; as well as the name and address of your company, and under what circumstances the accident occurred.

– In the event of a very serious accident that does not allow the worker to travel, 112 will be called to send an ambulance or they will be taken to the nearest hospital, indicating that it is a work accident. The company has to communicate the situation to the mutual insurance company as soon as possible so that they can take charge of monitoring it.

– After being assisted, it will be necessary to assess whether or not the work-related accident caused sick leave:


– If the injured party does not cause sick leave,  they can return to their workplace the same day, or the day after suffering the accident, but they do not have the right to receive financial benefits from the mutual insurance company. The company must report the accident within the first 5 business days of the following month to the labor authority.

– Likewise, you must collect the medical certificate of attendance without sick leave so that you can deliver it to your company. It is essential at this point to know what to do in the event of a work accident.


– If after receiving health care , the doctor determines that the injured person is on sick leave , the company must send the report of the work accident to the union of mutual insurance companies within 5 business days following the date of the sick leave. .

What other guidelines or additional information would you provide to know what to do in the event of a work accident ?

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