What to do if I have a car accident?

Surely you have ever thought about what to do if I have a car accident? ; You may be paralyzed without knowing what to do or, on the contrary, you would collaborate in helping the victims. From our Law blog we tell you how to handle yourself after a road accident.

If you belong to the second group, it is important that you have knowledge about first aid , because this way you will know how you should act in situations of this type of emergency.

According to the Penal Code, it is established that any citizen who is involved in a traffic accident , or has knowledge of it, is obliged to help the injured person and the Traffic Law, for its part, proclaims as very serious the omission of help in case of urgent need or serious accident .

Steps to follow in a car accident

It is very important that you take into account these steps to follow in a car accident: 

– In a car accident , and before getting out to help the injured person, you must park the car conveniently in a place where it does not hinder traffic.

– You should not transport or move an unconscious injured person from the scene of the accident.

– Do not remove the helmet from the injured person if he is unconscious, unless there is cardiorespiratory arrest.

– Never give drink to an unconscious injured person .

– Cover the victim with a blanket to prevent them from losing body temperature.

It is important that in the case of injuries in a road accident :

– Place yourself at the scene of the event and the circumstances, and think about the possible injuries there may be; In the event that there are people helping the injured, it is better to follow the route so that you do not hinder traffic.

– It is very important that you protect the area, marking the accident with triangles and turning on the emergency lights. You must also identify dangers if there is spilled liquid or danger of fire, and protect yourself, you must leave the area, even if that means not being able to access the injured person.

– Call the Emergency Service, 112 as soon as possible, indicating the incident and what happened, the exact location of the event, the number of victims and the state of their condition.

– If possible, provide aid to the victims, and if you must move them, try at all times to keep the head-neck-trunk axis straight.

– Once the medical services arrive at the scene of the car accident, if you were the person who assisted the injured , you must explain everything that happened, the measures you took and how the victims are doing to facilitate the prognosis. .

Remember that you can cause a road accident  if:

– You consume alcohol or other drugs while driving.

– You use your mobile phone while driving.

– You drive at an inappropriate speed or have an aggressive driving style.

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What do you think of this information to know how to handle yourself in a road accident ?


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