What is the online will?

Do you know what an online will is? From our law blog we tell you some interesting information about it. Once again new technologies come to our rescue. On this occasion, for something as complex as the writing of a will usually seems to us. Many people die without doing so, but there is no reason to back out due to lack of time or a very high investment. For a few years now, it has been possible to process a will through the Internet.

It must be said that the average age of the people who make the will is around 70 years old , according to the data managed by the College of Notaries of Catalonia, however some experts advise doing this from the age of 35, which is when the People already have a relationship and offspring.

Keys about the online will

Focusing on the chapter on the keys to the online will , it seems that everything has advantages, since in just four steps it will be possible to have everything ready.

  • It is necessary to complete a form, such as those provided at a notary office. They ask about the basic aspects required to make the will.
  • During the process, a series of emails will be exchanged with the lawyeror the company in charge of managing it, where the objective is to clarify a series of doubts.
  • A specific dateis established for the interested party to go to a notary office in their cityto sign the will . The company we have trusted will be in charge of running all the procedures and establishing the expenses of the will.
  • The last step is to go to the notary to sign. As simple as this.

Many companies are already dedicated to this, but to be more precise, it could be said that the online will itself does not exist. The only thing you can do is carry out the procedures through the Internet, but in the end you will have the obligation to go to the notary. Once you go to him for the signature, the data is contracted and doubts are consulted, in addition to informing the interested party before establishing the last wishes.

This online will service will be beneficial as long as your doubts are resolved and the time at the notary is as short as possible. To do this, you must be perfectly advised and have very clear ideas.

Making a will electronically is neither better nor worse than other systems, since you also have the possibility of going directly to the notary or leaving the case in the hands of a lawyer so that he is in charge of handling all the paperwork. . In the end, each person will choose the solution that seems most comfortable to them. Of course, all legal specialists recognize the importance of being well advised and leaving everything prepared in the event of death.

What do you think of the online will ?

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