What is temporary disability?

Temporary disability is the situation in which workers find themselves who cannot carry out their work due to a common or professional illness and accident, whether work-related or not , while they receive health care from Social Security, as well as the periods of observation caused. due to an occupational disease in which sick leave is prescribed by the teacher during the same.

What requirements must be met to access it?

  1. Be affiliated and registered with Social Security or in a situation similar to registration (collecting unemployment benefit at its contributory level, workers being transferred outside the national territory to the service of Spanish companies, lockout or in the case of general strike).
  2. Have a contribution period covered for: For common illness; 180 days in the five years prior to the causative event. Due to an accident, whether work-related or not, and occupational disease; No prior contribution period is required.


The amount of the Temporary Disability subsidy depends on the regulatory basis and the origin of the disability:

  • For common illness or non-work accident: 60% of the regulatory base between the fourth and twentieth day, and 75% from the twenty-first.
  • For professional illness and work accident: 75% of the regulatory base from the day after the leave is processed.

Maximum duration:

The subsidy will have a maximum duration of twelve months , extendable for another six months when it is estimated that the worker can be discharged due to a cure. After this period, if the worker is still not healed, a new examination will be carried out for a maximum period of three months and the status of the disabled person will be studied for the purposes of classification, to the corresponding degree, as permanently disabled.

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