What is liability insurance?

Before carrying out civil liability insurance,  it is necessary to specify what exactly this term is and it is defined as the obligation that falls on a person to repair the damage they have caused to another , either in nature or through the payment of monetary compensation. without forgetting that the scope of civil liability is typified in the Civil Code itself.

Civil liability insurance tries to transfer the cost of damages that have occurred to third parties  to an insurance company that would be responsible for assuming said cost, with the limits that have been established in the contract.

Types of civil liability insurance

There are different civil liability insurance policies that can cover different contingencies.

Family liability insurance

Home insurance usually includes civil liability coverage that would include the payment of civil claims against the people who make up the family unit , both in the home and outside it, which would be responsible for paying the damages caused by the accidental fall of an object from the home onto a public road that causes damage to people or things .

It would also bear the payment of civil compensation for damages caused to third parties by our domestic animals, provided that if they are dogs they are not considered dangerous breeds.

Personal liability insurance

There are certain insurance policies that cover personal civil liability with specific conditions, such as car insurance , which protects the driver from claims from third parties who may be damaged by their driving activity , or hunter insurance, which covers the insured. of the damages that  the practice of this activity may cause.

Professional and business liability insurance

Professional activity may also be susceptible to civil liability, in the case of doctors, engineers, or architects, to give some examples, which may cause damage to third parties and must be compensated .

The same thing happens with product manufacturers, who can have malfunctions and cause damage,  hospitality professionals , who can serve products in poor condition and cause health problems to their clients, or transport companies , which can cause damage to products. the goods. Therefore, it is very important  to have general civil liability insurance.

Liability Insurance Exclusions

The exclusions depend on the policy and the insurance company, but in any case, as a general rule, the following points are excluded :

– Damage caused outside the national territory .

– Any damage caused by the insured that is caused with the intention of producing it.

– Damage caused by the insured,  under the influence of toxic substances, alcohol or drugs .

– Any type of tax obligation , such as fines or other types of sanctions.


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