What is daycare for?

Increasingly, parents enroll their children to attend daycare, in this way they socialize sooner with those who are going to be their future friends and deskmates.

Advantages of daycare

There are various reasons that lead parents to have their children attend daycare, one of the most important is to look for a place where the children stay, learn and are cared for , while the parents go to work to do their day. labor.
Another reason may be wanting children to  begin interacting with others from a young age , this implies that they learn to follow rules, that they distinguish the hierarchy that exists between peers and caregivers and also that they begin to behave in a community, respecting some schedules and others and learning to defend himself without needing a father figure. Daycare helps the “umbilical cord” break, so that the child does not have that great emotional dependence on the mother, father or grandparents.
If the child also uses the dining room service in the Day Care Center, he or she learns to eat all kinds of foods that are given to him, not to negotiate with whoever gives him the food, and to behave in a manner without consent.

One of the problems of the Nursery, as of any center where people live together for many hours , is that as soon as one child becomes the owner of a contagious viral disease , the others, every man for himself, also contract it and also do not Happy, they take it home to share it with their parents.

The family; foundation of education

Even if children are taken to daycare, let us not forget that the basis of their education must be found within the family and that all bad behavior must be reprimanded and good behavior rewarded.

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