What is Copyright?

Most of the time when we read something , be it a book, a newspaper or an article on the Internet, at the beginning or at the end of it we see the letter “c” within a little circle that tells us that that writing, article, book or creation, since it can also be given in photographs, images, illustrations, etc.,  is protected and to use or publish it, it is necessary to contact the author to obtain his or her express permission and authorization.

But questions like, what is copyright? Or what is it for? among many others, they arise among readers of certain publications or visitors to a website.

What is Copyright

Copyright is the way in which intellectual property is guaranteed and recognized, thus protecting the author’s rights over his or her work. The word itself has Anglo-Saxon origin and is translated into our language as ” copyright ”

Each author can create as many artistic works as they want and publish them in order to make themselves known , show their creation and share it. Therefore, since he is the artist, the law recognizes that in some way he must be protected against possible plagiarism , copies, etc. For this, copyright is born, to indicate or inform that a certain work is subject to copyright. Copyright is defined as a set of legal principles and rules that are responsible for regulating the exploitation or property rights that the law grants to each author .

Thus, it is the author himself who decides how his work can be distributed, used or modified. In this way, it could be said that it is a way to encourage innovation and creativity while protecting the rights of authors, in addition to helping or benefiting progress or innovation, among others.

There are a series of rights that the copyright owner has exclusively:

– Prepare works that are derived from the one that holds the copyright.

– Exhibit your work both partially and completely to the public.

– Make copies of it.

– Distribute it, either by transferring ownership of that work, as well as by selling it, etc.

In these, the general concepts of copyright and author rights could be summarized . If you are the owner of a website, you also have the right to protect your work.

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