What functions does a tax advisor perform?

If you are looking for a professional who cares about your finances and with whom you can get a better return on your money, you need to hire a  tax specialist .

These specialists have the  necessary tax training  to be able to advise you on these matters and, therefore, be able to get the most out of your money.

Tax advisor functions

However, when hiring one of these professionals, you have to take into account some of the functions they have in order to get the most out of them or take advantage of their services in the best possible way. Here we are going to talk to you about its main functions.


A tax specialist must provide the necessary information to his clients regarding their relationships with the Tax Administration.

In this way, your clients will be able to make use of their rights against the Treasury, which are often unknown. These specialists, therefore, in addition to helping us get more money, also allow us not to spend more than necessary by informing us about the aid or exemptions that there may be in certain aspects.

Tax planning

A tax specialist must carry out adequate planning in relation to the transfer of assets and rights of taxpayers.

The processing of an inheritance would be a good example of this section, providing all the necessary information and completing all the aspects required for the assets to change ownership.

Tax settlement

With a tax specialist you will ensure that you will always complete all your tax obligations on time and also that they are in good condition.

It is important to know that a failure to process any of these obligations can lead to a fine, so thanks to these services we will ensure that you do not have it.

Management of tax databases

A tax advisor will contrast and also manage all kinds of information and knowledge on tax matters. This will be done through the use of tax databases such as Normacef, to achieve the objectives that have been established.


The tax advisor will also be in charge of making known the best solutions to the tax problems that their clients may have.

These decisions will be made known within the established deadlines in order to prevent them from worsening and also in the most optimal way possible.

Taxes of the Autonomous Communities

Each Autonomous Community has different taxes. These taxes must be known by the tax advisors who work in said location, in order to be able to inform them of all the advantages that their clients can obtain in terms of taxation .

This point is quite important because there can be notable differences between Communities and these usually change over time. Being aware of these advantages and changes can be a great help for customers, since they will be able to make much better use of their savings.

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