What does the law say about scrapyards and used spare parts?

Do you know the regulations on vehicles at the end of their useful life ? This regulation directly affects scrapyards in the corresponding locality and used spare parts. We talk in more detail about it below.

The Royal Decree , which was approved at the beginning of last year on the regulation of vehicles at the end of their useful life, covers from the moment a car is deregistered until the marketing of the aforementioned spare parts used for the sake of power. adapt to the European directive.

What is the law on scrapyards?

One of the main objectives of the Royal Decree, however, is to increase the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer so that, in some way, it is forced to organize and  finance the collection and management of cars that are damaged, as well as the treatment of the waste that may be generated.

Precisely, one of the characteristics that is included in the current regulations and differs from other previous ones is that from this moment on, the so-called Authorized Treatment Centers (CAT) will only be able to extract and market used car parts, provided that the latter have been definitively decommissioned and have been suitably decontaminated. Thus, used spare parts that do not come from a CAT will be considered illegal.

What is intended with all this is that, precisely, all platforms have a legal responsibility when advertising or assembling any part from a workshop that does not come from a CAT The fact that you mount an illegal part on a vehicle can also be considered a serious prejudice. This may be, for example, in the event that a vehicle has an accident and the insurance ends up not being responsible for the damages suffered.

This regulation for spare parts and scrapyards in La Coruña , Madrid or any other location in our country specifies, in the specific case of tires , that the CAT has two ways of acting, either, recovering them in the process of separating components to sell them or, on the other hand, deliver them to tire managers. With this, the Ministry in question will be able to be aware of the movements carried out with the used tires and prevent individuals from selling them directly.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that when deregistering a vehicle permanently and handing it over free of charge to the CAT, the latter must have all the parts, given that if this center sees that they have been stolen it must to notify the corresponding Department of the Autonomous Community in question.

Authorized Treatment Centers , to be considered as such by the environmental body of the corresponding autonomous community, must have specific requirements and technical means that will be established by the European regulations. Some of these requirements are, for example, the anti-pollution area, workshop area or vehicle reception area. In Spain, to be more exact, there are more than 300 centers of this type.

Did you know the law on scrapyards and used spare parts ? What do you think? Cheer up and share your experience with us.

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