What are the Rights of children?

The Rights of the Child are a set of inalienable and inalienable international law norms that protect children up to a certain age and in which no person can violate them under any circumstances. Today, from our Law blog we want to share with you this article on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day on November 20 , will you join us?

Main Rights of children

The main rights of children are the following:

Right to life

Any child has the right to live, survive and grow in optimal conditions. Furthermore, the Right to life is the opportunity to live your childhood and be able to grow and develop to reach adulthood.

Right to Food

Every child has the right to eat, not to go hungry and not to suffer from malnutrition. The food must be sufficient, it must be accessible, as well as stable and durable, and hygienic; In addition, children must have a balanced diet to be able to develop properly both physically and intellectually.

Right to water

Children have the right to access quality drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities to achieve good health and development.

To ensure the child ‘s survival : water must be sufficient; It must be available and accessible in any circumstance; accessible, both for consumption and for daily hygiene; and it must be of quality, that is, clean and drinkable.

Right to health

Every child has the right to enjoy the best possible state of health to be protected against diseases, and thus achieve complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Education rights

Any child has the right to receive an education and enjoy an adequate social life; It also allows people to develop their personality and identity, as well as their physical and intellectual abilities.

There is a need to make primary education a right accessible to all children , to make schools accessible and free for all children , allowing them to learn to read and write.

Right to protection

Every child has the right to live in a protected and safe environment that guarantees the preservation of their well-being, and must be protected from any type of abuse, discrimination or exploitation.

Right to freedom

Among the rights of children is that they have the right to express themselves and have an opinion, as well as to participate in decisions that affect them, but as they are more fragile and vulnerable than adults, their freedoms are more restricted to ensure their protection and well-being.

Right to identity

Every child has the right to identity, to have official recognition of their rights and existence. Identity includes name, surname, sex, nationality and date of birth, because it is proof of your existence. You also have the right to know the identity of your parents.

Did you know what children’s rights are ? Did you know that Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 ?

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