What are solidarity legacies?

Currently, the will is sometimes a procedure that the person manages during his or her lifetime, to ensure that it will be possible to manage his or her money to an asset owned by him. Therefore, today we talk to you about how to make part of our legacy serve a charitable purpose . Today, we talk to you about the solidarity legacy.

A legacy can be left to a person of their choice, both physical and legal . Within a legal entity are institutions, public or private, including NGOs: non-profit organizations. They must be included in the Registry of this type of Organizations.

At all times, the full quota that belongs to the forced heirs, who are the ones to whom the Legitimate Inheritance corresponds , must be respected . It can be bequeathed to more than one organization, from a car, a property, jewelry, works of art, money or shares.

The requirements to be able to make the Will are:

Be over 14 years old and in full possession of all their faculties at the time the Will is made, regardless of whether they later lose them.

Types of Will

Open Will
Whoever is going to make it, appears before a notary duly documenting his or her identity by means of ID, expressing in writing or verbally the last will to distribute our assets. The notary writes the document and the testator signs if he or she agrees .

Closed Will.
The testator goes to the notary, presents the DNI and delivers an envelope with written content in which he leaves a record of whoever is transferring his will . The notary will tell you how it is written, he will read it and both of you will sign.

Holographic Will.
According to the Civil Code, it must be written, signed and dated , in the handwriting of the person who is going to make a will . It must be written without crossed out marks, misplaced notes or scratches. The handwriting and signature must be the usual ones.

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