Vegetarian diet: Prevent Heart Disease

According to a study published by the University of Oxford in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , people who follow a vegetarian diet are 32% less likely to develop heart disease.

vegetarian diet largely prevents heart disease. This is explained by the fact that meat is the main source of saturated fat and almost the only carrier of cholesterol in the diet. Since the vegetarian diet does not include meat, these risks are also avoided.

In addition to this, meat does not contain fiber, which is what would help lower cholesterol levels. There are studies that have even stated that a vegetarian diet   rich in fiber and low in fat, in addition to leading healthy lifestyles, could reverse some evils , such as the process of atherosclerosis.

It must be taken into account that polysaturated vegetable fats tend to lower blood pressure, while what animal fats do is raise it. Therefore, the vegetarian diet helps combat this type of illness.

Similarly, a diet whose main support is cereals, fruits and vegetables helps control diabetes. Contrary to popular belief, the vegetarian diet is not devoid of protein. The nutrients that our body requires such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals are located in the plant kingdom.

In any case, diet is not the only guarantee to prevent heart disease . Lifestyle and habits play a primary role It is important to avoid smoking and exercise to be healthy. The same can be said of the emotional balance we must have to remain healthy.

We must analyze whether our lifestyles , such as the rush in big cities or a lack of nervous control, are deteriorating our quality of life.

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