Types of tennis balls

This time we are going to talk about something as fundamental as tennis balls and we are going to explain the different types of tennis balls that exist.

What tennis balls should be like

There are many particularities around what tennis balls should be like in official competition . They must be yellow in color , to facilitate viewing by players and spectators on television, without stitches in the seams, with a weight ranging between 56 and 59.4 grams and a diameter between 65 and 68 millimeters.

Three types of tennis balls

But in addition to these details, tennis balls must be mainly of three types:

  1. Type 1 ball (fast speed and should be used for low speed surfaces)
  2. Type 2 ball (medium speed and used on surfaces of similar speed) Can be pressurized or depressurized
  3. Type 3 ball (slow speed for fast speed surfaces)

There are also types of ball that have to do with the level of each player . For example, for beginners , soft core balls are used, which are lighter and allow for much more control (sometimes they are foam balls) and in bright colors. For occasional players we have pressure-free balls, heavier and harder than the previous ones and made of rubber and felt. For professional players , pressure balls are used, which usually do not last long.

Normally the tennis balls that are usually used for any type of competition, training and classes in tennis clubs are pressurized balls . As it receives the blows, the pressure decreases as it loses air. This change in pressure changes the behavior of the ball, which is why in a tennis match you have to constantly change and use new balls (the player who serves for the first time with this type of ball must notify the opponent of this )

Finally, a detail to take into account: there is also a type of tennis balls that are  balls without pressure that are used in matches that are played at more than 1,219 meters above sea level (with acclimatization to said height of at least 60 days before the tournament), in various clubs as it is a long ball or due to the weather.

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