Types of solar energy

Every day we have more infrastructure for the adaptation of  Solar Energy , because it is already a fact that we are aware that we must respect the planet on which we live and I am not saying this because it is from  Greenpeace , we want and need Solar Energy because it is an inexhaustible and ecological source. Spain depends 75% on the energy provided by other countries, a figure that will have risen to 85% within 10 years. We increasingly have greater energy dependence and more economic uncertainty since fuel prices  are very volatile. The domestic and tertiary sectors consume practically 40% of the country’s energy, and save the fossil fuel necessary for heating domestic water, heating and air conditioning through the use of solar thermal energy to the optimal extent of the design of the facilities, could avoid 5% of primary energy consumption in Spain. There are more and more towns and city councils committed to the environment and this is evident in the figures. Approximately  8 million Spaniards benefit from solar energy, an increase is expected in the coming years , and that is good news for the health of the planet. The uses that can be given to it are obviously to provide Renewable Energy to buildings, factories, restaurants, as support in case of a power outage, for water heaters, etc…

We classify by technologies and their corresponding more general use:

  • Passive solar energy : Take advantage of the sun’s heat without the need for mechanical mechanisms or systems.
  • Solar thermal energy : To produce low temperature hot water for sanitary use and heating.
  • Photovoltaic solar energy : To produce electricity using semiconductor plates that alter with solar radiation.
  • Solar thermoelectric energy : To produce electricity with a conventional thermodynamic cycle from a fluid heated to high temperature (thermal oil)
  • Hybrid solar energy : Combines solar energy with the energy obtained from a traditional thermal power plant, biomass, wind energy or fossil fuels.

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