Tips to Strengthen children’s self-esteem

Each one of us is a unique and unrepeatable human being. We live an existence, we leave a mark and we disappear, leaving only our works and actions. Knowledge of how we perceive our own world and how we think we are is what we call self-esteem.

Many of us have to spend years before understanding aspects of our lives that may have caused us countless problems. But when is this feeling of knowing ourselves forged? Can we do something so that our children do not go through what we have gone through? Can we teach them to raise their self-esteem?

First of all, we must start from the basis that we can encourage self-love in them and, above all, that they have the goal of wanting good things for their daily lives. No matter how small they may be, they are simple gestures that we can transmit to them with our behavior as an example and with our guide so that they can live their daily childhood life. My simple recommendations are:

– Wanting the best for themselves is not wanting the most expensive, but rather what is most convenient. Don’t please them with everything they ask for. They must make their own efforts.

– If they make a mistake, they must live the consequences of their actions and know that they can rectify it by doing things right from now on.

– Teach them that they should trust themselves . They can always learn to do things better. Try until they succeed.

– You should never devalue them or say offensive words to them. This creates labels in your mind that are very difficult to remove.

– Expressions like: “you can do it”, “keep going” , “try again”, “think carefully”, “think things through”, “you are capable and you can achieve it”, etc. They strengthen your confidence and invite you not to give up.

– Invite him to do extracurricular activities that he likes, so that he develops skills that will make him feel useful, happy with himself and, above all, that he is capable of achieving success if he puts his mind to it.

– Your example is basic. If you have concerns that are making you angry, tell them. But, also, tell him that you are struggling to move forward and find the solution. Children don’t need super-parents or super-teachers, they need human people who teach them to cope with the difficult times and enjoy the good times.
Accepting yourself as is, as without wanting to imitate models imposed by consumer society, will allow you to create your own individuality and feel happy and satisfied just as you are . His emotional changes can be important opportunities to correct him and teach him to learn how he really is and how he can become. Encourage them to grow and develop as a person of value to themselves and to society.

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