Tips to control anxiety

We have all felt some degree of anxiety at some point in our lives. However, perhaps due to the current lifestyle, it has become the most common mental disorder in recent decades.

In general, it is usually associated with temporary episodes and related to joy, sadness, fears and other feelings. When the person observes that this state of anxiety no longer goes away but rather becomes general, that is when one must begin to assume that one may suffer from an anxiety disorder .

The person who suffers from an anxiety disorder has a continuous fear that something will happen to them and a feeling that they no longer control their life, which leads them to have a significant degree of desperation. Furthermore, as it takes hold of the person, an almost endless list of symptoms begins to be experienced: tachycardia, sensation of suffocation, tremors in the extremities, feeling of loss of control or consciousness, sweating, muscle rigidity, muscle weakness, insomnia, mental disorders. digestive disorders…which can further worsen the person’s state of health.

Despite its complexity, it must be taken into account that thanks to advances in medicine, and specifically in the field of psychiatry and psychology, pathologies such as anxiety, depression or stress can be treated effectively, allowing a complete or very great improvement in the patient . Therefore, the main advice that must be given is that if you feel bad or think that you may be affected by any of these disorders, you must go without fear to a specialist doctor who will know how to diagnose your problem and will help you find a better solution. better.

In addition, there are a series of basic tips that can be of great help to control anxiety states in a practical and effective way:

– If a sudden state of anxiety arises, a good tip is to try to breathe deeply for at least a minute. This will help us relax and overcome this moment of crisis.

– Likewise, it is highly advisable to get used to doing breathing and relaxation exercises on a daily basis.

– Perform physical exercise or sports on a regular basis, as it will allow us to reduce anxiety levels and improve our general state of health. If you do not have enough time or place to practice it, walking for half an hour outdoors a day will also be very beneficial.

Aerobic exercises, swimming or going to the gym are highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, so you will notice the positive effects very quickly if done consistently.

– It is essential to sleep well to avoid states of anxiety and stress.

– Something as basic as learning to be relaxed is, however, essential to be able to overcome anxiety. It is important to think that the symptoms experienced are due to anxiety itself, that there is nothing serious or any other illness. This will help us learn to relativize and, therefore, relax more easily, which will translate into a reduction in anxiety levels.

– Coffee and caffeinated drinks must be eliminated , as they increase anxiety levels and make it difficult to rest at bedtime.

– Practicing disciplines such as tai chi, pilates, yoga or body balance allows us to stay in shape, stretch our muscles, relax, correct our posture and free our mind, so they are perfect for those who suffer from some type of anxiety.

– Maintain a good, active, communicative and rich social and family life . In this way, anxiety can be better controlled by having your mind occupied with other topics. In the same way, it is important to reserve time each day for ourselves to carry out those activities and tasks that we like and fulfill the most.

– If you are experiencing physical or psychological symptoms, you must go to the doctor to diagnose the problem and establish the treatment and guidelines to follow. We must keep in mind that the earlier anxiety is detected, the easier it is to treat it and learn to control it.

– Spend time getting to know ourselves and discover the causes that cause or intensify anxiety. In this way, we can learn to detect the warnings that anticipate anxiety and we can control them.

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