Tips for taking out travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance is essential, especially if we are going to travel outside of Spain, since the expenses that an accident can entail can be really high and completely ruin a trip and transform it into an experience not to be remembered.

Travel insurance coverage

Cancellation fees can mean that you lose more than half of the money invested in the transport ticket or the entire amount of the hotel. Therefore, in general, it is a good idea to take out this coverage and get a good part of the amount you have paid back, if not all, of course, as long as the cause is justified, not because we are fighting with our friend. and if we decide not to go, they will refund our money.

Medical assistance is very important if we travel especially outside of Europe, although if we travel here it doesn’t hurt to get one either. Health expenses if we suffer a medical problem could rise by several thousand euros, not to mention that in some countries medical care is quite precarious. In many cases it benefits the insurance company more to bring us back than to pay for treatment there.

Coverage for damage or theft of luggage can be more or less useful, again depending on where we are going to travel. Nobody likes to arrive in Bombay, for example, and have things missing or their suitcase gone missing.

As for sports trips , such as a trip to go diving, skiing or snowboarding, it is important to make sure that the insurance we are taking out will protect us from accidents that could arise from practicing these activities.

Accident insurance can be a lifeline if we are the ones who cause a problem and harm another. IF we are going to contract this coverage we must read each clause carefully, so as not to fall into confusion.

Make sure what guarantees the insurance companies offer you and if they can be useful to you, these are undoubtedly the best tips. Have a good trip!

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