Tips for taking a good nap

Although the custom of sleeping after eating is very old, today the nap is still widespread. Although it is often pointed out that Spain is where it is practiced the most, this is not really the case, since in countries like Germany it has been proven that they sleep more.

Furthermore, it is often stated that it is a very beneficial habit for health, but in reality the nap remains largely unknown , since the real effects on the body have not yet been clearly deciphered. Thus, you can find numerous studies that not only do not recommend it, but also contraindicate it, especially when it lasts more than 30 minutes.

This lack of knowledge means that the medical recommendations made are based on the clinical and personal experience of each patient. The different studies that have been carried out on naps offer contradictory results, which is why it is difficult to make general recommendations.

Although there is a general consensus on the beneficial effects of a nap as long as it is done correctly . Most experts defend that it is a healthy habit as long as they are short , since long naps are not beneficial for health. Almost all experts point out that the duration of the nap has to be a maximum of 30 minutes , since if it is prolonged you reach deep phases of sleep, which causes you to suffer the well-known headaches that we have all felt when you wake up. Any occasion. They can also cause problems with digestive disorders , modify the biological rhythm and can cause insomnia , since a long nap interferes with nighttime sleep . Although the effects depend on each person, their state of health and their body.

In children , the duration of the nap can be longer, lasting between one and two hours. In this way, they will be able to recharge their batteries and enjoy the day with more energy and joy. You should not exceed that time either, since otherwise your night’s sleep may be disturbed.

So that the nap allows us to take a short break, it is also important to follow a series of recommendations, such as waiting about an hour after finishing eating before taking a nap. In this way, we will be avoiding digestive disorders. It is also advisable to move a little before rest , since it will help us digest and allow us to keep the body active, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle that is so counterproductive for health.

We must avoid sleeping after 6:00 p.m. otherwise the normal sleep schedule will be altered. For its part, the posture for taking a snooze is upright, slightly sitting , but not lying down as this could cause poor digestion. It is also advised that the weight of the body rest on the left side.

Napping is not recommended for everyone , so people with insomnia, cardiovascular or hypertension problems should avoid this habit. Likewise, it must be taken into account that after sleeping, we always need a period of time to regain our rhythm, so it is not advisable for those who need to carry out an activity that requires being at full physical or mental performance afterwards.

If we follow these recommendations we can fully enjoy a habit that has positive effects on the body. In addition, the body, after eating, needs rest to digest properly , so between 20 and 30 minutes of nap will help this natural function of our body to be carried out correctly.

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