Tips for purchasing car insurance

Car insurance is  an agreement established between an insurer and the policyholder, we give you some tips for contracting them . In them, the insured receives, for the payment of a premium, mandatory civil liability coverage for material damage and bodily injuries.

What to know before purchasing car insurance?

Keep the following tips in mind when purchasing car insurance: 

 Compare the offers of different insurance companies, since there are a variety of prices and differences in coverage, which will always appear in the fine print, because there are limitations on compensation and the way the insurance coverage works.

– Read the policy carefully before signing it, especially including the fine print.

– Ask all the questions you think are necessary so that you do not have doubts about any clause that you do not understand and about all the coverages it includes.

– The simplest thing is to ask the insurance company employee to correctly explain your car insurance coverage  and detail what limitations and exclusions it includes. If modifications are made, he requires that they be recorded in writing in the contract.

– You must take into account the surcharges that you will be charged for intervening in several accidents during the term of the policy.

– If the policy you have found is comprehensive insurance , it will be necessary to include all the extras so that the insurance covers them. In any case, in any type of car insurance , whether third party or comprehensive, do not forget to read the general conditions of the policy.

– Always carry the policy with you along with the car documentation, so that you can have it in case of an accident.

From the moment the insured makes the first payment on the policy, the insurer has the obligation to cover the damages in the event of an accident; If the latter had been prior to the entry into force of the policy , the insurer will have no obligation to compensate the insured.

What do you think of these tips for hiring car insurance ?

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