Techniques to delay ejaculation

Let it be clear that we are not trying to say that it is good to delay ejaculation or that it is bad, we are simply proposing a series of techniques to delay ejaculation . We will leave the benefits or drawbacks of delaying it to the experts in sexology. This health blog simply tells you some of the techniques to achieve this.

As I say, you can find specialists who tell you that it should not be delayed, since it is bad, but on the contrary, there are others who assure that delaying ejaculation provides benefits to the body. Be that as it may, we are simply telling you some of the techniques to delay ejaculation .

The first thing you need to know is that it is essential to train the pelvic muscles, to have total dominance and control over that area. To do this, you can exercise them, controlling the flow of urine, interrupting it and resuming it at will. It is a simple exercise that can be practiced several times a day and strengthens the entire pubic region . (I insist, this is nothing more than a technique, since you will find specialists who tell you that this practice is negative for the prostate.)

Another technique that you can practice to delay ejaculation is to contract and dilate the anal region , which is a good exercise to have dominance and control in that area of ​​the body.

On the other hand, before you experience the need to ejaculate when having sexual intercourse , you can slightly remove the penis from the vagina and apply gentle pressure to the glans. Breathe deeply and relax. It is normal for the erection to be totally or partially lost at first, but in practice this will happen less and less. This is not usually recommended by specialists either. The important thing is that you learn to recognize internal times.

Another method that promotes semen retention is Hui Yin point pressure, located in an intermediate place between the testicles and the anus. This should be done during the period of arousal, before the desire to ejaculate appears.

Always consult a specialist to find out if delaying ejaculation poses health risks.

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