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Plex TV: Free television from anywhere

A platform to watch all types of series, movies and television shows from the comfort of your home or from any device and anywhere.

With more than 80 channels and 20 thousand titles of all genres, Plex TV is the perfect option to watch free TV from home quickly and easily. You just have to download the application and register for free to have access to all the content that this platform offers its users. A wide and varied programming available 24 hours a day with programs, music, videos, photos, series, shows and movies of all genres . Access is convenient and easy, once inside the application the content is organized by categories: live TV, recently added movies, the most popular, Latin flavor, Christmas special, film classics, Comedy, Drama, Action, Children, etc etc. In addition, on the left side of the screen the categories of “Live TV”, “Web series”, “Movies and shows”, “Music”, “Podcasts” and “Your media” appear. The latter will contain the local content, which can be streamed from any Mac or Windows computer, and from any device.

How to access the platform

To start enjoying Plex TV and have access to all the free television you can imagine, in addition to a wide catalog of multimedia content, all you have to do is download the Plex Media Server application on your computer, or on a mobile device , since it is compatible with iOS and Android. It is also compatible with PlayStation and Xbox, and on the computer, it can be installed on both Mac and Windows environments. On the Plex website you must download the Plex Media Server option to create, organize and store your own collections. It must be said that there are two other payment options for those who wish to have access to greater functionalities: Plexamp and Plex Dash. However, starting from the free Plex Media Server app, once installed, you must access the Plex website and register by entering username, email and password to log in. Once inside, you can manage the content of the media library, changing the language of the app and using the settings that appear in the top bar of the screen. Once the server is ready, you can choose automatic login or the option to remember on the device, and you can also access said application from any other device on which the official application is installed.

What content Plex TV offers

On Plex TV there is the most varied programming 24 hours a day that is organized by categories. From famous series to the latest movie releases, this platform also allows you to connect to online channels such as TED, Comedy Central or SundCloud . You will have access to a very extensive catalog from any of the main web browsers and with any Apple or Windows computer. The content of the movies and series is organized by categories: Action, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Musical, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western, Kid Zone (both movies and shows); in addition to being able to explore other subcategories such as: Movies & TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Most Popular and Leaving Soon. A total of more than 20,000 movies and television shows to watch on any device for free. Without a doubt, the best option to organize and enjoy the best multimedia content of the moment and of course to watch the most varied TV channels from a single platform.

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