Legal consequences of abandoning a pet

Unfortunately, pet abandonments still occur in Spain , especially during certain times of the year. In addition to being a most despicable act , abandoning a pet has legal consequences .

Pet ownership has skyrocketed during this quarantine and, with the excuse of being able to take the dog, many people dare to go out. Given the fear of these pets being abandoned once the quarantine is lifted, we are going to try to explain the possible sanctions to which they would be exposed.

Abandoning a pet carries a financial penalty that is regulated in all autonomous communities and is governed by animal rights. Although, in all communities, abandoning a pet is a crime, it is not punished in all with the same amount . In this way, we find communities like Murcia , where it can be punished with up to 30,000 euros in fines and others with a higher fine, such as in the Community of Madrid, where it can be up to 45,000 euros .

He would never not

Abandoning a pet can never be considered an option, since there are several avenues at your disposal that you can choose before committing such a despicable act. For example, you can go to an animal shelter so they can find a family who really loves your pet.

Finally, if you find an abandoned pet on the street , you have to contact your city council so that its owner can be located through the pet’s chip, something that is mandatory for all animals, to that the animal can be returned and the corresponding fine.

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