Is it legal to close the terrace of my house?

When carrying out a comprehensive renovation, more and more people   consider enclosing their terrace with the aim of gaining a few square meters for the apartment.

As there are still many doubts about this topic, we are going to try to clarify everything that has to do with this aspect.

Can I close the terrace?

In summary, yes, it is legal to close the terrace of your house, however, you have to have the necessary permits , since, if you do not have them, you are exposed to a fine.

By carrying out a terrace enclosure, you are modifying the aesthetics of the building , so you need authorization from the city council to grant you the necessary building license to carry out this type of renovation.

This license does not have to be granted in all cases, since it will depend on the technical, aesthetic and legal conditions of the building and, in addition, we have to take into account what the community statutes say about the enclosure. However, if we have all this favorable, we will be able to carry out the enclosure without problem.

What if I close the terrace without a license?

Closing the terrace without a license can be quite dangerous. First of all, we expose ourselves to a fine whose amount is highly variable. Secondly, and perhaps the most embarrassing, is that they ask us to reverse the situation to return to the initial state of the home. This means that we would have to remove the closure and once again face the reform that allows us to return to the previous situation.

A double expense that can upset more than one person, not to mention the upheaval of getting back into a work. In this sense, we recommend that before carrying out any work, you request and ensure that you have the relevant permits.

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