How to train memory for learning

One of the main aspects to be able to achieve good learning of both theoretical and practical knowledge is to have a good memory . It can be said that we have short, long and medium term memory.

The situations that interest us the most or that are linked to experiences that mark our emotions tend to be remembered more easily than those with which we do not have an emotional bond. It is for this reason that learning certain academic knowledge presents us with some drawbacks. Therefore, we can do certain exercises that can help us train our memory and remember what is necessary more easily and clearly.

The following recommendations can help you:

– Read and then try to summarize the content of the text.

– Turn the text, for example a newspaper, and read the headlines even if they are upside down.

– Sudoku are excellent because they also help develop concentration.

– Make lists with numbers such as family ID numbers, names of a son or daughter’s classmates, car license plates of acquaintances and try to learn them.

– The memory card game is fantastic. An all-time classic. All cards are turned face down and turned over in pairs. You must remember where the couple is and join them.

– A good diet and physical exercise are essential for the body to be in shape.

– Learn the dates of important events in history, discoveries, medicine, natural sciences, space travel, etc. This allows the brain to make associations that train thinking and reinforce the action of remembering.

– There are vitamin complexes combined with some drugs that provide the brain with substances that are associated with memorization. This should always be consulted with the doctor.

– If a certain topic does not interest us, we must do everything possible to associate it with something (word, person, another fact, object, etc.) that gives us a connection. In this way we will remember by “association”.

– Practical knowledge can be better remembered if, as its name indicates, it is practiced. Repeating certain procedures makes our brain better understand the processes and translate them into action.

Memory is a fundamental ally to be able to carry out all the activities of our daily lives. As we gain years our brain functions can weaken, which can cause us to forget things as simple as our name.

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