How to sleep well during pregnancy

The stage in which a woman is pregnant is possibly one of the most delicate of her life and one in which she has to be most careful when carrying out any activity, such as sleeping. For this reason, in this health blog we have asked ourselves how to sleep well during pregnancy , an activity that raises concern among many women.

On the one hand, rest is essential for everyone, and on the other, pregnant women perhaps need more rest to give the baby the necessary gestation. In general, it is highly recommended to follow certain sleep patterns, that is, to have continuous habits to sleep well .

It is important for the mother to go to bed relaxed, so if the partner can give her a back , cervical or leg massage , you will be able to sleep better. Similarly, making love will also have good results, since sex during pregnancy has positive effects. For all this, it is essential to relax before going to sleep , forget about stress and leave worries out of bed.

To sleep well during pregnancy you have to adopt a comfortable position , in which your belly does not suffer. Don’t sleep on your stomach or on your back. The best position is on your side, preferably on your left side. In this way, you prevent the future baby from putting pressure on the mother, which can lead to back pain . You can place a pillow to rest the weight of the belly and another on the back, to prevent the mother from turning over while she is asleep.

It is advisable not to take sleeping medications (unless prescribed by your doctor). These medications can affect the baby; It must be taken into account that everything taken during pregnancy affects both the mother and the future baby.

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