How to protect a person from fraud and scams

The people who are most exposed to the risks of scams and fraud are the elderly , since they are vulnerable to people who are kind, well-mannered and willing to start conversations over the phone or at their own door.

The people who handle fraud have a multitude of tactics to attract people to acquire their fraudulent services, such as false promises that never arrive; an opportunity that cannot be missed, since they are scarce for selected clients; impersonate someone important with a false identity, to give more credibility to the fraud and offer pleasant and courteous treatment.

It is important to take certain aspects into consideration to protect these people from fraud and scams:

– Use a call detector to know who is calling, especially if you do not know the name or number of the person calling.

– Request a phone number that is not in the directory.

– Do not answer calls if you do not know the number and do not open the door to strangers.

– Do not sign contracts, without any advice or in the presence of someone to review it.

– Do not offer personal information over the phone, online, or in person, such as security codes or bank account numbers, among others.

– Learn more information about the organization through the Internet or request information through the State Attorney General’s Office.

– Before making a decision, ask friends or family about the reputation of the offer.

It is also essential in the event of possible mail fraud:

 Always verify the existence and credibility of the organization with whom you are dealing.

 Never send personal information .

– Never send money to request a prize or to enter a contest.

– Keep all copies of mailings, to present in case there is a trial.

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