How to obtain Spanish nationality

To obtain Spanish nationality, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements and process various basic documents so that the procedure can be carried out correctly. Below we explain what these requirements are.

Requirements to obtain Spanish nationality

As with any other country,  obtaining Spanish nationality requires meeting various requirements, which will be set depending on the regulations of each country. People who may request it must, among other things, have reached the age of majority (18 years) or those who are 14 years old and are accompanied by their legal assistant, those who legally represent a minor, those who are incapacitated or those who represent them. legally.

The application for Spanish nationality must be submitted to the Civil Registry of your domicile. At this time it is no longer necessary to submit applications to the Ministry of Justice. You can request the document that must be filled out to obtain Spanish nationality at the Civil Registry of your domicile or go to the Central Information and Public Service Office of the Ministry of Justice.

There are different ways of acquiring nationality. Let’s see it.

Nationality by residence

As a legal link that unites the person with the state, this type of nationality requires the person’s legal residence in Spain for a minimum of ten years. There are some exceptional cases in which this time is reduced for people who have obtained refugee status, it will be five years, for nationals of Ibero-American countries, the Philippines, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or people of Sephardic origin the time is reduced. to two years. The period will remain one year in the case of those who have resided in Spain and are legally subject to the guardianship of Spanish citizens or institutions for two consecutive years.

It is also reduced by one year for those who have been married to a Spaniard for the same amount of time, if the Spanish widow or widower was not de facto or judicially separated at the time of the spouse’s death. Likewise, those born outside Spain to parents or grandparents who were originally Spanish would be included in this category.

Nationality by marriage

Foreigners who marry a Spanish national will have the ability to apply for Spanish nationality by marriage after one year of legal residence in the country. This residence must be legal, continuous and immediately prior to the application that must be submitted to the Civil Registry of your domicile in Spain.

In this sense, marriage with a Spaniard only alters the period of time required for legal residence in Spain. The requirements to take into account are to be a foreign citizen legally resident in Spain, to be married to a Spaniard for one year, to be registered together, to prove sufficient financial means, to provide the consular registration certificate, to be integrated into Spanish culture and not to have criminal record.

How to obtain Spanish nationality as the child of a Spaniard

In these cases, those born to a Spanish national may obtain Spanish nationality , but also those born in Spain to foreign parents if, at least, one of them was also born in Spain. In the latter case, children of diplomatic or consular officials accredited in the country are excepted.

Likewise, those born in Spain whose affiliation is not determined are considered. For these purposes, those born in Spanish territory and minors whose first known place of stay is Spanish territory are presumed.

Furthermore, in article 19.1 of the Civil Code, a foreigner under 18 years of age who has been adopted by a Spaniard can automatically obtain Spanish nationality.

How to obtain nationality as a grandson of a Spanish person

The law allows people whose parents were originally Spanish and the grandchildren of those who lost or had to renounce their nationality as a result of exile to obtain Spanish nationality.

In the latter cases, this includes people whose father or mother was born after the exiled grandfather or grandmother lost their nationality. In these cases, your closest Spanish ancestor is a grandparent, without it being necessary to have been one of origin.

Procedures necessary to obtain Spanish nationality

The procedures that are necessary to obtain Spanish nationality could be summarized in the following points.

Where to apply for nationality

The application must be submitted, as indicated above, to the Civil Registry corresponding to the applicant’s own town of residence, with the possibility of submitting it personally, by email or through a manager and accompanying the application with the documentation. correspondent.

Papers necessary to request nationality

The documents that must be presented to obtain Spanish nationality are the following:

-Legalized birth certificate that must be requested at the civil registry of the town where you were born or made the proper registration. Generally, it must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of birth and, as long as, there is agreement with the Hague Apostille.

-A criminal record certificate is also required , issued by the country’s police authorities and which must be duly legalized. Likewise, you must attach the criminal record certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice in Spain, whose official form or form can be found at the nearest tobacconist’s shop, with the shipping envelope and the corresponding stamp.

-The certificate of legal residence in Spain is also essential , and must be addressed to the government subdelegation to be able to request it properly.

-Likewise, the registration certificate is necessary . This certificate will be requested at the Town Hall corresponding to your address.

-On the other hand, the means of living you have in Spain must be proven (in the event that your resident card allows you to carry out the employment contract), as well as a photocopy of the residence card, of all pages of the passport.

-In the event that you were born outside of Spain and claim to be the son or grandson of Spaniards of origin, you must provide, in addition to all this, the literal birth certificate of your Spanish ancestors.

Did you know all this information about the requirements and procedures to obtain Spanish nationality?

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