How to make a secure will

Would you like to know how to make a  secure will ? We are talking about a simple document, which can be revoked at any time, through which a person decides how their inheritance should be distributed at the time of their death.

Tips to make your will secure

Regarding the advice to make the will secure , and avoid a void will, we must distinguish between two types of document:

Open notarial will

The most common and safest will is the open notarial will , where the notary drafts the document specifying all the pertinent details; No witnesses are needed and it is not necessary to inventory the assets.

It is a document that is economical, and when it is ready, it is registered in the Registry of Last Will Acts, it is, therefore, a good example of knowing how to make a secure will It also has several advantages such as:

– Advice from a notary.

– No errors are made , which may be cause for dispute.

– The processing after death is very simple.

Holographic will 

The holographic will is a document that the person writes in their own handwriting where they record their last wishes, after which they give it to someone they trust who will be in charge of presenting it before a judge at the time of their death.

It is a simple, fast and economical method that will help us get an idea of ​​how to make a secure will , but it has several drawbacks:

-There is a possibility that it will be lost or that interested people will not present it.

-The judge may doubt its authenticity, due to errors in the document, so it will be easily challenged.

If you decide to make this type of will , you should not forget the details that appear below:

– It must be written entirely in your own handwriting using a pen.

– The date – day, month and year – on which the will was made must appear.

– If there are amendments , it must be made explicit at the end of the document which words have been crossed out or added.

– Unless there are valid reasons to disinherit them , the will must respect the part that corresponds to the spouse and children.

What other tips to know how to make a safe will would you add in this regard?

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