How to maintain study habits during the holidays

The homework and assignments that teachers usually send for the holidays or simply having to prepare for a make-up exam in September, often cause pressure and overwhelm for students. The struggle that is established between hours of leisure and those of assuming these responsibilities is titanic and often costs money and annoyance at not being able to have peace of mind until they have been fulfilled.

In the case of preschool and primary school children, the situation is complicated because the little ones have a keener sense of rest and play and seem inexhaustible.

Some recommendations can help you so that vacations and homework can be carried out equally:

– If you do not leave home, the pace will be set more easily because there are no transfers or removals. In this case, it is best to use the first few days to do them and then they will have more time for other activities quietly. Remember that there are almost always unforeseen departures, which can be detrimental if there are no facts.

– If you plan to leave home, it is best to divide the work to be done between the days of enjoyment, giving more load to the first ones than to the last ones, as the case may be. This way if a setback happens, you won’t have as much to do.

– Establishing a schedule is the best. The first hours of the morning are usually the best because the responsibility is fulfilled and the rest of the day is left for fun. In the afternoon and evening they are usually very tired so the work is done uphill.

– If you are at home it is easier to define the place, time and way of carrying out tasks. If you are away, we must try to ensure there is peace so that there can be concentration.

– Younger children usually have very simple homework, so the rhythm of reading and writing can be maintained every day, for this it is good to use  books and vacation notebooks . In this way they do not disengage from school. It is advisable to renew the children’s library with stories and writing books that will be new and combat boredom.

– Play and fun can be linked to study.  You should not overwhelm them and much less punish them. The best thing is to encourage and encourage them to take up the habit little by little, until they do it for themselves. If one day they do not finish what was scheduled, we can be flexible with the condition that they will work more the next day.

We must always remember that tasks or homework serve to reinforce knowledge given in the classroom, which is why it is very important that they are carried out with all the concentration and attention possible in order to ensure that they meet this objective. Likewise, during the holidays the routine of the rest of the year is broken and both the mind and the body are strengthened because they relax and the stress levels of daily life decrease . For all this, it is important to combine both concepts, adapting to each case and being flexible but firm in the assigned responsibilities.

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