How to lose your fear of mathematics

“If people don’t think mathematics is simple, it’s only because they don’t realize how complicated life is.” John Von Neuman (1903-1957). Our existence is possible thanks to the calculation and precision with which all vital processes occur.

The rhythm of the heart, the blood flow, body movement, the distribution of the space around us, shopping, driving, clothing measurements, feeding time, administration of remedies, everything is calculating.

Daily life is based on mathematics , the universe has its balance in the accuracy with which everything occurs in space and human beings can understand what surrounds us thanks to simple calculations that our mind performs.

We add or subtract everything. Even the most insignificant thing: we must calculate how much toothpaste to put on the toothbrush. Our daily lives require a calculation. The bases of this skill are acquired in the mathematical principles taught by formal education . But what is happening that we are so terrified of this discipline ? Why do most people find it so difficult to learn them?

The methods for learning mathematics vary depending on the age of the student, but they are learned from birth. Certain recommendations can help us understand this subject more:

– Let’s eliminate from our minds the message that they are impossible for us.

– Let’s start from the base which are the four basic operations: add, subtract, multiply and divide. Little by little, let’s add complexity.

– Let’s relate the concepts to daily life. In the case of children, there are countless games and exercises to develop mathematical skills.

– Let’s visualize their benefits: they explain daily life to us, they allow us to understand the reason for things, they are present in numerous trades and professions , they speed up thought processes and promote brain functions by activating complex thinking areas.

– They are fun, entertaining and dynamic . We can learn to enjoy them. All of this increases our self-esteem and gives us a feeling of control and personal improvement.

This is how logical-mathematical intelligence is expressed in people who develop it and encourage it in their way of making decisions, solving problems, doing calculations and in their numerical thinking.
Let’s remember that children want to discover , know , exchange , they have ideas, they plan their fun, and experience what surrounds them. These processes are based on the mathematical calculations that they unconsciously perform and it is in these activities where we can reinforce their numerical skills.

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