How to encourage study habits

Getting the youngest members of the house used to having a study routine is beneficial for the future. If study habits are encouraged from a young age, it will be easy to avoid academic failure. Thanks to a study routine , children become more responsible with their studies once they reach adulthood.

Each child can develop the potential they have and to do so, creating a study routine every day is essential. This is where parents play a fundamental role, since the child does not learn these habits alone and on his own initiative.

Likewise, the motivation and attitude of parents are essential. There is no point in punishing a child with destructive comments or “you won’t play for a week” type of punishment for getting bad grades. On the contrary, you have to motivate the child and make him realize that he is capable of achieving it. Family support is essential. You also have to listen to her and talk about the attitudes that she can improve.

To create that routine, it is essential that the child do something related to their studies every day. Ideally, he should do her homework every day at the same time and in the same place in the house. This place should be free of possible distractions such as music, television or conversations. The time dedicated to studying depends directly on the age of the child and the activities assigned.

Regarding the study techniques of their subjects, it is very useful to teach them to do a compression reading, underline the fundamental ideas, summarize, make outlines of ideas and later memorize them in writing or orally.

The fact that the child dedicates certain hours of the day to studying does not mean that other leisure activities have to be eliminated . That is to say, the child can study for the hours that are convenient in each case and later watch TV, play or carry out social activities with other children. In that sense, communication between children and parents to establish schedules is essential. It is above all about making the child feel comfortable and never forcing him or her by force.

The most important thing is to support the child and value her efforts. That is to say, it is very positive to praise her for her work and convey messages of satisfaction. This helps both motivate the child to continue on the same path as well as increase her self-esteem.

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