How to encourage communication between parents and children

Communication is the main basis for the development of societies. If there is no communication there is no progress and much less adaptation to the environment. People communicate with others from before we are born and later through thoughts, words and actions.

The relationships between children and parents are the basis of the family. Parents represent lived experience and children represent the spirit of search and curiosity.

Many times these relationships are negatively affected by various factors such as the difference in age, interests, discipline and, above all, the gap that exists between the training received by the parents and what their children now want and accept.

To strengthen this relationship it is essential:

– That each party respects the space and choices of the other. Freedom of action avoids stress and gives more internal security.

– When there is a conflict it is vitally important to talk calmly. Talk about the feelings that have arisen and find a solution.

– Young children have many whims and tantrums almost always arise when they are not given what they want. Without losing your cool, you must explain the situation to them and, above all, maintain the decision.

– You always have to be honest . The truth always allows us to have a better vision of situations.

– Share as much as possible. Plan vacations to be together and share. Without the pressures of work or school, the ties between both parties are strengthened and the relationship is enriched.

– We should never shout, insult or have aggressive attitudes, since this makes the problem bigger and the distances increase. Consideration and respect are essential.

– Talking to your children about their tastes, meeting their friends, even being able to share an activity creates more confidence.

– Asking opinions on some decisions that are going to be made makes children feel taken into account: shopping for the supermarket, choosing the color of a car, the computer model, purchasing cell phones, some items of clothing (they can go shopping together), choosing a pet and the conditions for caring for it, etc.

– The relationship with the school must be carried out in the best possible way. Contact with teachers allows us to have a global idea of ​​how children develop in society.

Parents and children can establish bonds of communication that can make the family progress, move forward and, above all, make everyone feel safe and happy.

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