How to choose extracurricular activities for children

Ballet, languages, basketball, flamenco? What extracurricular activity to choose? It is the question that many parents ask themselves. To arrive at the appropriate answer, it is essential to ask the child what he or she wants to do and take into account what his or her abilities are to avoid frustration.

Extracurricular activities are usually carried out in the evenings or weekends without overloading students with too many classes. These activities are beneficial for the physical and intellectual performance of children.

When choosing the ideal activity for our child, you must take the following into account:

-Information is power. Get a list of all the extracurricular activities offered by the school or nearby sports centers since they are usually subsidized by local administrations and their cost is cheaper than in private centers.

-Taking into account the tastes and age of the child is essential. You should ask them what they would like to do once you have explained the characteristics of each activity. Many children are very clear about what they would like to do, but with others you have to try it.

-The child’s abilities and skills must be taken into account to avoid possible frustrations.

-You can talk to their teachers so they can guide you taking into account the child’s preferences and character.

-Psychologists recommend choosing classes that do not require many rules before the age of six.

-The child must attend classes voluntarily and not use these activities to reward or punish him.

-You must keep in mind that children have other school responsibilities such as doing homework, and the right to leisure activities such as playing, being with their family and friends. Therefore, extracurricular activities should not saturate the child’s agenda , otherwise they will become stressed and their performance may decline.

-It is positive that children combine leisure or sports activities with other academic activities so that it is more fun for them and not a monotonous day.

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