How to choose a good book for a teenager

To get young people hooked on reading , you have to choose a book that they like and not impose it on them. These two points are the keys. Many times we wonder how to make the right purchase of the book.

In reality, whether a teenager likes a book or not is something very personal, but some aspects can be taken into account. -The most important of them is to assess what the tastes of adolescents are. If you like music, love stories, adventure movies or fantasy, these are aspects that can serve as a reference for choosing a book that is related to a theme of your taste. -To promote the reading habit , adolescents must have an active participation regarding what they are going to read. Through their tastes and behaviors you can know which stories will attract them most and thus begin their relationship with the world of letters. -You can take a best seller as a reference . It is the most purchased book because it has elements that make it attractive to most people: magic, love, action and adventure. They can serve as a reference, although not everyone has to like them since there are many people who are reluctant to read fashion books. -You can always ask for advice at the bookstore or library . The books are differentiated by age recommendations, which can serve as a guide since there are already stories aimed at a youth audience . Teenagers may like its language and stories because they identify with the events narrated in the book. -In any case, it is not about imposing reading since in this way we would only achieve the rejection of the adolescent. They live a period of autonomy and their choices must be respected since no matter how much we like the theme of a book, if they don’t like it there will be rejection. You can also consult lists of books published on the Internet or ask the teacher to guide us in ideas.

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