How to appeal traffic fines online

Do you know how you can resort to Internet traffic fines ? We tell you about it from our Law blog . Traffic fines are a real hassle but if we have committed an infraction that is what it is. If we pay quickly, that is, within 20 days of notification of the fine, we can benefit from the 50% discount . However, if we choose this option, we will not be able to claim the fine.

Acting crazy will not help because the second notification attempt will result in the fine appearing on the Edictal Traffic Penalty Board, so it will be considered that the notification has been made. If we do not pay within the specified period, they will impose a surcharge. So since we have to pay, we better pay less.

What to do to appeal a fine online?

To appeal a fine online, the first thing we must do is obtain the discharge document and complete it. At this stage we could get the fine annulled.

If this were not the case, we would receive the evidence that we have requested and that justifies that we have been fined and we will be able to file an appeal. We will have a month for this.

If there is a negative response, the next step is the courts. If we want to get to this point we have to know that we will have to pay the corresponding court fees. If we won the ruling , 60% of the fees would be returned to us and, of course, the sanction will disappear.

On the DGT website we can find the necessary documents to present allegations and appeals. To do so we will have to have a digital certificate or electronic DNI.

But without a doubt the most important thing is to keep in mind the deadlines to appeal the fines, because if we miss the deadline we will not be able to appeal nor will we be able to benefit from the 50% discount.

We must also know that it is quite complicated to have the sanction annulled, so we have to be sure that there are possibilities and not blindfold ourselves that will cause us expenses, annoyances and loss of time.

What do you think of this information to know if we can resort to Internet traffic fines ?

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