Foods with cobalt

Cobalt is one of the components of vitamin B12 or cobalamin. The body requires a small amount of this mineral for proper growth and maintenance and it cannot be synthesized from a simple dietary food, so vitamin B12 from food is essential for human nutrition.

The activity and function of cobalt is essentially the same as vitamin B12, therefore, meaning that cobalt plays an important role in the process of erythropoiesis, a procedure in which red blood cells are produced. .

Cobalt has several health benefits:

-The association between vitamin B12 and cobalt helps the overall function of the body; Vitamin B12 is one of the B complex vitamins that helps in the functioning of the nervous system and also affects the functioning of other metabolic processes in the body.

-There is a relationship between cobalt and vitamin C ; This vitamin prevents certain conditions, such as scurvy, where symptoms such as hair loss are seen.

-Iron is one of the most important nutrients needed depending on sex, health, and other factors Cobalt, along with other elements, may play a role in iron absorption .

-Cobalt can provide stability to the cardiovascular process and cardiological function.

A vitamin B12 deficiency is a cobalt deficiency, and vice versa; Adequate intake of foods or supplements rich in vitamin B12 can alleviate this deficiency. Adults need about 2 mcg . However, excess cobalt can cause excess production of red blood cells and damage the heart and thyroid muscles.

Foods with cobalt are the following:

-Foods of animal origin : liver, organ meats, clams, oily fish, meat, eggs, milk and derivatives.

-Foods of plant origin : enriched cereals, algae and brewer’s yeast.

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